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Click to Donate to Pride Pays

What is PridePays?

PridePays is a payment processor similar to Amazon Smile. Participating merchants choose a cause to support, and PridePays donates the profits on their behalf. Businesses keep the same service and pricing they previously had. The difference is, with PridePays, fees they were already paying now fund the impactful work of causes serving the community.

You can make a huge difference for a cause serving LGBTQQIP2SA+ people in your community with the merchant fees you are already paying. Every month you’ll know that the fees you’ve been paying are now doing good, and that the cause you select will see needed revenue coming from your business.

How Does It Work?

Find your cause

Let Your Fees Give Back

Spread the Word

Go to and find Prism Counseling & Advocacy  Simply click to select supporting RAI, then choose FUND NOW to start funding them with the merchant services fees you are already paying.

PridePays operates in order to give back. The profits your current processor retains become the source of funding for the cause you select. Your participation can bring them significant funding as there is no limit to the amount each cause can receive. The more volume you process the more they get.

Merchant services fees are a given, with PridePays they are giving

Any merchant can participate! All U.S. based businesses that want to support the LGBTQQIP2SA+ community in a more meaningful way than just placing a sign or flag in their storefront are welcome to participate.

Fees they already pay will help the community.

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