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Individual Therapy

Whether it's anxiety, depression, or generational trauma Prism Counseling & Advocacy offers individual therapy services to help clients through the difficulties of today.  We recognize the need for affirming providers who know what it means to be 2SLGBTQIA+ in the world right now. Prism clinicians are dedicated to being a safe, supportive space for the queer community. Our goal is to help you find freedom from the stressors you face and to help you find the most joyful, authentic version of your life. Prism offers both in-person and virtual sessions for anyone 14 years or older to help fit your life and ability. Let us help you navigate the stressors of life and find the joy you deserve.

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african american woman with vitiligo making heart with hands
diverse multi-ethnic group of friends

Transition Support

Gender exploration and the search for gender euphoria can be an isolating and confusing experience. Clinicians at Prism understand that every persons relationship with their gender identity and expression is unique. Prism offers support and advocacy for all clients seeking gender affirming care. Services include: exploration of gender identity, gender affirmation letters, gender euphoria scholarships, aid in changing legal documents, therapy and support for transition experiences, and more. Prism has taken the GALAP pledge to aid those seeking gender affirmation treatment meet their goals without barriers. However you need support, Prism is here to help.

Family & Partner Therapy

Relationships are a part of each of our lives. Prism offers therapy sessions to help you and your family or partner(s) improve communication, set boundaries, or simply reconnect after feeling distant. Prism clinicians work with monogamous and ethically non-monogamous (ENM/CNM) partnerships to help any partnership find it's best version. Prism is here to help you find the support, love, and comfort within your family or partnership(s).

senior lesbian couple laughing and hugging
friends with disabilities shaking hands

Case Management

It's important to feel like someone has your back, especially with all life can throw at us. Prism offers case management services alongside the regular advocacy of all clinicians. Case management works to help foster client wellness through advocacy, communication, education, identification of service resources, and service facilitation. Prism clinicians are here to help you find tangible ways to overcome the barriers that arise in life to help you find peace and freedom.

Harm Reduction Therapy for Disordered Eating & Substance Use

Everyone deserves space to find ways to live a life they're proud of. Whether you struggle with disordered eating or substance use difficulties, Prism counselors are focused on helping new coping skills to help manage life's difficulties. Staff at Prism take a harm reduction lens to help folx work towards whatever goal you set to move towards the life you want. Whether you choose abstinence, living according to your values, or focusing on finding ways of being safe - Prism clinicians wants to meet you wherever you are. We want to help you understand your experience and build the skills that align with your life and values. 

Two clients site on a couch, both AFAB people who are smiling and looking towards the camera.
Picture of Rich Cali running group therapy in the agency group room

Group Therapy

Community can lead to a world of change. Prism offers group therapy to help folx connect with others with similar issues to grow together. Prism currently offers the following group(s):


Queering Recovery

  • The 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month from 5p-6p

  • Join us here!

LGBTQIA+ Grief Group

  • The 1st and 3rd Friday of the month from 4p-5p

  • Join us here!


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