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Fees & Insurance

RAI believes in removing financial barriers to treatment because everyone deserves the same quality care regardless of income.

Payment Options

Below is information on our pricing plans and budget friendly options for care.


Prism accepts the following insurance plans: 

  • CDPHP/CDPHP Medicaid

  • Oxford

  • Oscar

  • Aetna

  • Cigna

  • United Healthcare

  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield

Open Path Collective

Open Path can be used by any client to ensure affordable care. It offers a one time fee of $65 that allows you to connect with any clinician with fees ranging from $40-$70 or any intern for $30.

Sliding Scale

Prism offers an income-based sliding scale fee to ensure clients receive care that fits their budget. Our options include both a traditional sliding-scale and one for folx who feel open path does not support their financial need.

Self-Pay Program

For uninsured folx or folx that choose to waive the use of their insurance, we offer self-pay.

Our pay scale has been developed with clients and clinicians in mind to ensure quality care to all clients.

Open Path Psychotherapy Collective Logo

Open Path Collective is for any client that cannot afford typical rates for therapy, are uninsured or underinsured, and have an annual household income below $100,000.

Underinsured refers to people who have health insurance that does not include affordable in-network mental health benefits. This could be due to a high deductible and/or a copay higher than $70 per session for individual therapy (or higher than $80 per session for couples or family therapy).

Open Path gives folx a lifetime membership for a one time fee of $65. Supportive services fall within a range of $40-$70 with a licensed clinician or for $30 with our interns.


Accessibility Program

Prism Counseling & Advocacy offers an Accessibility Program for individuals in need of a more cost-effective option than open path 

The Accessibility Program allows you to set a self-pay fee with RAI that is in alignment with the Federal Poverty Guidelines and your personal household income/expenses.

It is our pledge that all clients will have access to quality therapy regardless of their ability to pay.

Self-Pay Program

Annual Income Under $50,000:

Intern - $60

45 minutes -$70

53- 60 minutes - $80

Annual Income $50-100,000:​

Intern - $70

45 minutes - $90

53- 60 minutes - $100

Annual Income $100-150,000:​

Intern - $80

45 minutes - $110

53- 60 minutes - $120

Annual Income $150,000 or more:​

Intern - $90

45 minutes - $130

53- 60 minutes - $140

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